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For my music compositions are released as Tensen Park. I'm explore a balance between chaos and order using computational/ai methods and old analog equipment. For my music endeavors, please visit my label Garden Walk Records. Here follow some ideas central to the project.

Criticality is the state between chaos and order. It is the fertile ground of existence: too much chaos, no harmony. Too much structure, nothing happens.

A zen garden juxtaposes nature’s chaos and order as a means to appreciate it. Excessive structure is like a painting's framed around chaos to accentuate its beauty. It is therefore a perfect place to meditate on the critical nature of reality.

Self-organized criticality is the way how nature assembles itself against entropy. Having rich natural textures bordering chaos and self-organizing systems in music is my way to approximate a zen-garden of sound.

The result can hopefully meander the mind between harmony of birdcalls, the unpredictability of rain, and the infinite complexities of clouds.

My aim is that when a listening session is over, one is more reciptive to the quiet beauty of criticality.